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When your teenager has a CRUSH, how do you react?

Teenage sexuality is real, but sadly remains taboo. We might not want teenage romance to exist but it does. We may think that school-time romances are not important, but for the young people involved, they are. Everything matters academics, relationships, crushes, thoughts, feelings... everything. For the teen or preteens, their feelings are very real and important. If they have a crush on someone, it is true love to them. If someone else has a crush on them, they are genuinely confused. Since it is the first time that they are experiencing this kind of attraction or intensity of emotion, listen to what they have to say and help them articulate what they feel. You cannot dismiss it as unimportant or wrong. If you tell them that they are too young to feel this way, or that dating is out of the question, you will just alienate them.  Instead, If you feel comfortable, and your teen is receptive, you may want to add snippets about your own crushes; not only does this make them feel less alone, but knowing that you have experienced something similar may make your teen more inclined to open up to you, and explain how they feel. At the same time, speak to them about the sexual/ physical attraction and remind them of boundaries and respect of the opposite gender. It is also neccesary to keep our child busy with their hobby/ hobbies. Encourage them to take up new skills that they want or like. This way, it may help keep them busy and help your child balance his responsibilities with his social life.

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When your teenager has a CRUSH, how do you react?
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