theAsianparent Community Guidelines

Hi Parents! We are so excited that you can join us on your journey to parenthood!

We welcome and support moms and dads (or prospective parents) to stay in touch on our platform to share advice and stories based on personal experiences.

However, we encourage parents not to judge each other despite differences in parenting styles, cultures, ages, beliefs, etc.

In addition, in order to maintain security and comfort in the community, please make sure to adhere to the following guidelines:

Integrity and identity

We do not condone impersonating a person or entity that can harm other users.

If there is a report of impersonation, we will confirm and ask the user to revise their profile.

We also do not hesitate to suspend or block the account.

In addition, we do not allow users to share misinformation related to:

  1. Emergencies that could cause panic
  2. Incitement to hatred or prejudice against other people, certain groups, or society
  3. Medical misinformation that could harm a person's physical health
  4. Content that misleads community members about politics
  5. Conspiracy content that attacks certain groups
  6. Violent or tragic events.

In addition, we do not allow users to share identity that contains personal or individual privacy information.

We are not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of sharing personal information by users. For this reason, we also do not recommend that users share personal information in the form of:

  1. Place and date of birth
  2. telephone number
  3. NIK(KTP main number)
  4. Complete address of residence
  5. Photo of identification card (KTP, SIM, Family Card, Birth certificate, etc.)
  6. Certificate ownership (house certificate, land certificate, etc.)
  7. Full name of mother and father
  8. Sign in information (username and password)
  9. Debit/credit card number, etc.

Inappropriate images

As a platform for parenting and pregnancy, we really understand if you want to exchange stories related to spots/ vaginal discharge/ baby poop and so on with other users.

Unfortunately, this may make other users feel less comfortable.

For this reason, we do not recommend users to post sensitive images such as human/baby feces, dirty diapers, vomit, dirty underwear, wounds, mucus, blood, and so on without using the tag NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

Users who post sexually explicit photos, especially children, will be removed.


As our commitment to provide users with a good experience when interacting on our platform, we will remove any spam content.

To that end, we ask each user not to share content or engage in spammy behavior.

We do not support all of the following posts, responses or comments:

  1. Share a post/response/comment more than 2 (two) times with the same words or sentences
  2. Containing spam elements, such as: up, “period”, “comma”, etc.
  3. Provide comments that contain spam elements on personal or other people's posts with the aim of increasing posts to the homepage.
  4. Robotic text such as: nendifniuha3jr. 12345678, asdfghjkl, etc.
  5. Prohibitory sentence so that other users do not answer a post, such as "Posts from 1 year ago do not respond!"
  6. Linking to other websites whose security cannot be guaranteed (whatsapp group links, Facebook, Instagram, Line, etc.)

Illegal activities

We do not support activities that violate laws and regulations. For this reason, we prohibit all activities related to criminal acts on our platform.

We prohibit all user on the platform from participating in conversations or activities related to:

  1. Exploitation of people/children
  2. Weapons
  3. Poisoning of humans
  4. Any life-threatening activities
  5. Phishing
  6. Fraud/scam/false investment
  7. Theft
  8. Spreading pornography
  9. Gambling
  10. Abortion
  11. Trafficking, promotion and use of Alcohol, Drugs, Substances and other illegal drugs.

Hateful, bullying, harassment and violent behavior

We want to create a safe and comfortable community for users. Therefore, we do not tolerate any act of discrimination against certain individuals or groups.

Please don't share posts/ feedback/ comments:

  1. Referring negatively to other Individuals as animals, inanimate objects, or in any derogatory manner
  2. Calling for or justifying any acts of violence against other individuals or groups
  3. Claims of supremacy over a group of people based on race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, serious illness, disability, etc.
  4. Accusing or slandering certain individuals or groups as criminals
  5. Posts/ responses/ comments that use slurs or harsh words
  6. Insulting or demeaning race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, serious illness, disability, etc.
  7. Threats to other individuals
  8. Sharing personal details of others with malicious intent or otherwise
  9. Insults and solicitation of insults towards other individuals.

We also do not tolerate when members of our community are humiliated, bullied or harassed. Therefore, any post/response/comment that contains any expressions of violence, including threats or disparaging statements intended to ridicule, insult, humiliate, intimidate, hurt someone or words that can cause severe psychological distress will be removed from our platform.

We also do not allow any form of posts that contain elements of sexual harassment.

Please do not share posts/feedback/comments that contain elements of:

  1. Disparage other people's sexual practices
  2. Altering or morphing other people's images to display or imply sexual suggestion or involvement in sexual activities
  3. Threatening or disclosing someone's private sex life, including threats to publish digital content, sex history, names of previous sexual partners, sexual orientation, etc.
  4. Threatening or exposing the sexual orientation of others

In addition, we also do not allow users to share posts that contain elements of violence, such as:

  1. Sadism/Mutilation
  2. Open wounds
  3. Accidents
  4. Corpses
  5. Mutilated, charred or burned limbs
  6. Violence
  7. Torture, etc.

Suicide, self-harm and other dangerous acts

As a parenting platform, we care deeply about the health and safety of our users.

For this reason, we do not condone any post that depicts, promotes or normalises any activity that leads to suicide, self-injury, or dangerous activities that can cause serious injury or even death.


We strive to provide convenience to every user of our application. For this reason, we only allow posts related to promotions, buying and selling activities or giveaways to be posted in the Buying and Selling topic.

We will delete posts/responses/comments/ecommerce links/social media links that contain elements of promotion, buying and selling or giveaways outside the Buying and Selling topic

We DO NOT allow the sale or administration of any drugs on our service!

No type of medicines may be given or sold by users on this platform.

So, please don't share posts/responses/comments that contain:

  1. Suggestions for the use or administration of drugs
  2. Promotion or sale of chemicals, drugs, herbs, etc.

theAsianparent Cares About Your Family's Safety from COVID-19

Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic in January 2020, we at theAsianparent have worked hard to keep our community safe by ensuring they have access to accurate information and limiting the spread of false information.

Here's an overview of how we address this:

We protect our community from those who perpetuate and spread false information.

Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive and caring community and environment for parents during the pandemic. To address this, we actively monitor User Generated Content (UGC)*, and flag and remove any inappropriate content* that refers to viruses, provokes users about the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as local government ministries of health.

Before accessing the application, users are required to agree to the application's terms of use and/or user policies before creating or uploading content.

In the same way, we deal with inappropriate content in our community.

Here's how we deal with violators and prevent the spread of virus-related misinformation:

  1. If a member of our community tries to share any content or posts (including questions, responses, images and/or videos, links, hashtags) related to COVID-19, the content will automatically be detected by our system for internal moderators to look at. After that, users will also receive a notification directing them to the WHO website and the local health ministry.
  2. We allow users to flag inappropriate content, then ask our moderators to review the flagged content.

The following is inappropriate content related to COVID-19:

  1. Sales of PPE, including protective clothing and footwear, masks, helmets, and goggles;
  2. Request donations on behalf of volunteers and businesses and communities affected by the pandemic - in return we will direct users to their official hotlines;
  3. Misleading content
  4. Content that involves spreading rumors and fake news.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who decides what the Community Guidelines should cover?

theAsianparent is a community of people from diverse cultures, ages and beliefs.

We have tried to understand different points of view to create a comfortable, safe and open community for everyone.

These Community Guidelines were created so that we can nurture and protect our community.

Who moderates our platform?

For our day-to-day moderation of the community, we are assisted by an advanced system that will detect violations of the Community Guidelines by users.

However, our human moderators double check the system and the decisions made by it.

I see that a post, response or comment on theAsianparent platform violates the Community Guidelines. What do I have to do?

If you know another user is violating our Community Guidelines, please report them.

You can tap the “REPORT USER” option from the menu drop-down which can be found by tapping the 3 dots (...) in the upper right corner of each post/response/comment.

You can also email us the report (with evidence) to [email protected]

What happens if someone violates our Community Guidelines?

We have a policy for removing content that violates our Community Guidelines. We may remove an entire post if the associated image or text violates our Community Guidelines.

We may also disable all accounts that violate our Community Guidelines.

We may inform law enforcement, if we believe there is a risk of physical harm or threat to public safety.

My post/response/comment suddenly disappeared, what happened?

Currently theAsianparent has an Automatic Moderation System that can detect posts/comments that contain elements of bullying/spam/racist/illegal/vulgar photos and other inappropriate content.

Our Automatic Moderation System will also follow up on the post/comment according to existing procedures (deleting posts/comments, blocking users, and so on).

We will continue to monitor the Automatic Moderation System to make it even more perfect. We will also review posts/comments detected by the system.

If the post/comment does not contain the elements mentioned above, we will reactivate it within 1x24 hours (working days).

Why can users post using the Anonymous feature?

The purpose of the anonymous feature is to help parents who want to share sensitive things that they can't tell others.

If you notice any abuse of the anonymous feature, please report it to us at [email protected]. We will follow up.

What is an NSFW photo?

The NSFW tag (Not Safe for Work) aims to prevent other users from being disturbed by posting certain photos.

When attaching a photo to a post, you can find this "NSFW" checkbox at the bottom of the photo. By ticking "NSFW", the photo will be blurred and a warning will appear as an "unsafe to view" photo.

We categorise several photos as "unsafe to view" namely female or male genitalia (be it a baby or adult), photos of fluid from female or male genitalia; nude photos (be it a baby or an adult), human/infant feces, dirty diapers, vomit, dirty underwear, wounds, mucus, blood, and so on.

If this "vulgar" photo is not posted as NSFW, we will delete the photo and may suspend the account that uploaded it.

Cheers to raising happy, healthy, and confident kids!

—theAsianparent Team