Direct latch, infant care

Any working mummies here who have been direct latching and had to send LO to infant care before returning to work? My husband and I have been trying to bottle-feed our babygirl (almost 4 months) but she keeps rejecting.. both BM and formula milk. Had changed bottles from Avent to MAM to Hegen, yet no difference.. still prefers direct latch. Any advice? Very worried that she will not drink while in infant care.

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Super Mum

I was in the same shoes. My girl refused to drink from the bottle (both BM and FM) before she entered infant care. We didn’t try a lot of bottles but changed to the teats to a slow one and did paced feeding. My husband kept trying over the weekend and I had to hide or go for a walk because she wouldn’t drink from the bottle when I am around. Don’t worry about your girl when she is in infant care. Once she is in school, she will learn to adapt soon. My girl took about 3 days. Babies are really smart and she will do just fine!

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