Hi mummies, my 3 month old suddenly prefers EBM than direct latching these past 2 weeks. She keeps rejecting to direct latch even when she's hungry but would happily drink EBM from the bottle. Any ideas why and suggestions to coax her back to direct latch?

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I wouldnt give up and continue to try, how is babies sucking suction? It could be because baby is unable to get milk, it can get challenging as it takes extra work for baby to direct latch compared to ebm which is easier. Keep trying and. Not give up.

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Wish you luck mommy!

I had the same problem then, I was pretty depressed but didn’t give up. Just keep trying, and ideally not when the baby is too hungry because latching requires more effort from them. I also tried to not give a big teet with a fast flow.

Patience and persistence are the only way. Sometimes it could be due to some body smell that the young one dislike. Clean the area with frangace free wipe.

How I wish my 4 month old is like yours. Mine only wants to direct latch. And when I’m at work she doesn’t eat until I comes back at 7 pm.

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you can try to latch more often or is it because of the teats and teething process soon


I’m also having the same problem.. felt lost..:(

have you examine choice of teats?