Just wondering your Lo start to flip at which month?

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Usually babies flip around 4-5months. However, different baby will hit milestones at a different pace. As long as the doctor never feedback concern on your baby's development there's no need to worry

My LO did it at 3.5 mths and started crawling at 10 mths. However i checked with PD and was told that we need to give time for children to develop according to their milestone.

mine at 4th month. don't worry if your LO hasn't started. every baby is different. when they are ready they will flip on their own ...

My gal started about 5 mths plus from having a heavy buttocks! Haha! On the other hand, my son flip ard 4 months.

My gal started flipped sides at 3.5mo, not fully flip over yet. Excited for her to flip fully soon.

Nearly 4 month. A bit slower cos she is too chubby. But I guess its Ok to have their own pace.

My baby flipped around 4.5 Mths. Both were little chubby and prefer to kick instead.. :)

My little girl did it at 2.5mths! She was 90th percentile child during that time.

My boy starts when he is 4 months old while for my girl is 9months old

All my kids flipped about 3.5mths All very very active kids.