vPost Forwarding Service to SG

Hello! Wondering if any parents here have tried shipping overseas purchases back to SG using vPost (https://vpost.com/sg/)? I am recently busy with decorating my nursery and many items on Alibaba caught my eyes but it's so difficult to coordinate with the sellers about shipping. vPost seems to be quite convenient (and it's in english) but i haven't used it before. Any feedback good or bad is welcome! Also, what kinds of items have you shipped before and how much did it cost you?

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Super Mum

Many forwarding agents nowadays. You can check and compare prices. Or look into groupbuys if you don’t want the hassle.

1mo ago

Thank you for your reply! I managed to ship a cute little night light over with vPost (just to try them out) and the experience has been great! Securely packaged and arrived within a week :) Had a bad experience with group buys before so i'm quite hesitant now.