11 weeks

Just wondering i m at 11th week...but not able to see baby bump,will there be any movements of the baby? wonder what is happening inside as next appt is only in jan..usually when will the bump b seen?

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I get anxious when I read these initially. my bump is visible at week 9 or week 10 already. I wondered if something is wrong with me or if I am getting fatter, even though I didn't eat much due to nausea. I saw my friends around me they have a visible bump at week 10 or so as well, so don't worry if you have a visible bump or not at a certain time. as long as baby is healthy and within weight and size range, it is ok. 😄

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First movements are usually felt between 16 and 25 weeks, and it’s usually later for first pregnancies. As for bumps, it depends on your original non pregnant size and how much weight you’ve gained. Most people’s bumps are not obvious at 11 weeks. Usually they become more obvious at about 4 months (~18 weeks)

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Hi sis~ I don't think there's anything to worry especially if you don't have abnormal bleeds. I had my scan, currently 11 weeks. The lil one will be kicking/swimming; you won't be feeling it until 16 - 20 weeks plus. My bump is not obvious too~ might take after my mother whose bump is visible at 4months ~ So, loose that anxiety ~

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Im 165 and mid-slim size but I gained weight during 1st trimester which looks like I overeat, then I went back to my normal shape till now 25 weeks but I look like a 3-4 mths preg.. For baby movement I get to feel when baby at 20 weeks.. So it’s really depends on individual..

Depends on individual. I am average in size. My bump can be seen when I was about 3 months especially after meals it's more obvious. Baby moments came after 18weeks. Baby is more active after meals (especially after sugar intake) & when I rest flat on bed.

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It depends on individual. My bump only more obvious at ard 4-5 mths. Only started to experience first movement ard 19-20 weeks. Enjoy your pregnancy and enjoy the kicking. You will sure miss that once you have given birth. A very magical moment 🥰

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I start to feel my baby kick on 20weeks as im also a first time mummy. And now im 25weeks . The kicks is so active , no worries about the bump . Im now 25week but my bump still look like 4-5month .

It’s ok. I don’t have baby bump until like 22-23wks and it’s just a slight one. But it’s first pregnancy so it’s very normal. :)

me too im on 11th week and 2days, slight bump or like bloated only

i have a slight baby bump but my tummy look big because of bloating. sobz