Cord blood storage

Just wondering how common it is to opt in for cord blood storage? I was told that it costs ard $10k and it’s rly quite a substantial amount. However idk why I feel this guilt if I don’t do it because I’ll never get the chance again if I miss this window. Did you guys opt in for it? 😵‍💫

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i signed for cord blood+tissue banking with cryoviva. it's much cheaper if you can pay for the 21 years of storage lump sum (only $8k+ for premium, 6 vials instead of up to $11k if you're paying in instalments). it seems like a huge sum of money if you look at the total sum of money you need to pay upfront, but if you break it down into 21 yrs, it's actually less than $40 per mth of storage. just treat it as buying an insurance for the baby, us and even our parents (although chances of successful match with grandparents are low). If not you can also donate to sccb; heard that donors will get admin fee waiver (of $20k?) should you require cord blood donation in future. i heard it's also good for baby to receive all the cord blood during birth, but i'm not sure if our hospitals do it. Most of the mummies I talked to just said, "if not it'll just get discarded".

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I’ve spoken to my gynae about this. She mentioned that the chances of having to use it is really very very low. But if you have the means to, she advises to go for it. It is like buying insurance. You pay for something that you hopefully don’t ever have to cash it out for. Initially hubby and I was hesitant too because of the price. But something my mum said really changed our minds. She said yes the chances might be 1-2% but if touch wood something does happen you’ll be holding on to even that 0.1% chance. Have yet to talk to an agent yet, but I heard the cost can be somewhat offset with baby bonus. So will have to find out more info on this. Hope this helps.

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initially felt bad for not opting to store my baby's cord blood, but after some reading up and assessing the need of having to retrieve own cord blood. I feel that the cost is not worth and I opt to donate instead, would be more meaningful if it can save someone who needs it more.

I wanted to do it but did not in the end for my firstborn. So i donated. Guess i will still donate another time when i deliver. I dont feel the guilt though. In any case cannot b used on the same child… so dont really see the point to store also..

We didn't go for it. The cost is too high plus the chances of needing it in future is slim so didn't feel its worth it. Was planning to donate but we're not eligible to donate cuz my hubby has genetic condition.

yup, around 10k if I remember correctly. I used baby bonus to pay for it and only do it for my 1st born if can afford it, why not right

I understand how u feel cause I felt the same but no, I didn’t opt in

No intention to store due to high cost, but likely to donate instead.

I opt in for my first. Signed with cyroviva $6850 bef gst

Nope. Wanted to but so expensive so didn’t.