You won a 3 digit voucher for free.. but can't use it. Would you bless it or sell it off?

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Dear mummies, thank you for your reply.. I did ask my colleagues and friends whether they are interested in the vouchers, and if they are, I will give it to them. But there is no takers.. thus after discussing with hubby, to sell if off at a cheaper price.. still feeling guilty about it though..

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Sell at lower price

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Maybe get something for other people as present. No guilty feeling for selling away and no heartpain for feeling loss.

Sell at a lower price

Sell it At half price. Depends if I'm in need of money. Otherwise I'll bless out for free.


Usually I will give it to my Friend or family if I can't use it. To me I Wun sell coz it's not ethical to sell something I've won.

Bless and share it to someone who need it more than you

Agreed with Jorelle, you should sell it off at 50% as blessings. WIN WIN

Blessing it to the needy family for sure.