Pregnancy symoptoms before period

My wife and I did it twice in few days later after her last period. Then did it again twice during ovulation days. My wife had nausea, dizzy, lower back pain and stomach pain before her next period is due in 1 week. she feels like vomiting but anything never come out from her mouth after trying to vomit it out. She says she never experience it before. Usually, nausea starts in 4-6 weeks after miss period. but she got it before she miss period. Is she pregnant or did she eat wrong food? I took her to TCM yesterday to get medicine to relieve her nausea.

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I experienced nausea way before my next period was due, and that's how I knew I was pregnant even before I tested with a pregnancy test kit. But it's different for every one so best to get tested, earliest is 1 day after your wife's period due date.

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1y ago

Noted. thanks.

Gk and get pregnancy kit and check. If you suspect your wife is preggy. Pls before getting any medication, you have to tell doctor, sinshe, pharmacists, etc, that your wife is pregnant coz many many medications are unsuitable and harmful to fetus. Including tcm herbs

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