Teething Period (I Guess)

Hi, my girl is 9 months old, we saw her newly come out tiny tooth few days back. My girl is hungry but when I place her in latching position, she will refuse to drink and keep struggling, scream and cry, is this teething sign? How should I help her? We applied bonjela for her, let her play with her toy. But still she don't want to drink. Kinda worry for her because she lose her appetite badly recently and heart broken to see her like this. Last time per feed can last her abt 3-4 hrs. Now per feed can last her 1-2hrs. Is this normal? Or just during this teething period? Or is another spout lead? She is drinking breastmilk

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Super Mum

Has she started solids?

2y ago

Or if she's bottle fed..maybe tey changing to a faster flow teat?