Nausea after meals

My wife has been facing this issue for awhile now, we are in week 12 and after she eats something she will be feeling nauseas. For the past month she has been resting for most of the day and has body aches too. 😢 Any other mummies face the same issue? Do you have any recommendations to make her feel better?

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Try not to eat too full each meal. Nausea is a symptom that some ladies might have it. Old wives tales say this is a good sign that baby is growing well. I started my nausea and vomiting since week 8 and i am at week 13 currently. I avoid food which will trigger the nausea. I had back acne too and my hubby will help me massage. Jiayou. First trimester ends it will get better!

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Drink lots of plain water, eat in small portion and not till tummy full. For back pain and aches you may want to get cooling gel or lotion to gently massage her back. You may get U maternity pillow when sleeping or cushion to put at your sides when resting. I took sour plum to ease my nausea but I never vomit through both my pregnancy. Hope this helps.

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3mo ago

Sour gummies works better for me than sour plum. I tend to take sweet and cold drinks also. Is just makes me feel better somehow.

She already is on diacletin, but her condition is on and off. Some days she looks like she’s all good, some days she’s feeling nausea all day. Already giving her massages a few times a day hoping to ease the discomfort. Thanks for the replies 💪😊

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eat small meals everytime. junk food makes me feel better 😂 soft drink helps with my nausea too. sometime i will suck on green lemon. most of the time i will take medication for nausea.

Yeah it will get better soon. Once you enter 2nd tri hopefully it will be better.