What Chinese soup is good for early pregnancy?

This is my wife first pregnancy and I would like to cook some Chinese soup for her to drink. Before she is pregnant I have also been cooking different type of Chinese soup like herbal soup, watercress soup, lotus root soup. However I know that pregnant ladies have many things that need to avoid. So would like to know is there any Chinese soup which is good for her during her early pregnancy stage and also for her full pregnancy.

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Lotus root pork ribs soup, black beans and red dates cooked with pork ribs soup and chicken soup with red dates and wolfberry are all good and safe for pregnancy consumption.

3y ago

Sounds delicious. Will try to boil some this weekend.

Super Mum

Homemade chicken essence

3y ago

https://www.newmalaysiankitchen.com/homemade-chicken-essence/ It's quite tedious. I ended up just buying a double boiler and thereafter all i need is a chicken