Why can't I eat soft cheeses during pregnancy?

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Soft cheeses can contain listeria bacteria that cause an infection called listeriosis. To avoid this risk, pregnant women are advised not to eat any uncooked mould-ripened soft cheese such as brie, camembert, mould-ripened soft cheese made with goats' milk, and others with a similar rind.

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Soft cheeses might contain listeria. Soft cheeses are not pasteurised. Pasteurisation kills off the listeria bacteria. A listeria infection may lead to miscarriage and stillbirth in severe cases.

for soft cheese don't know, but mostly we try to avoid raw food except vegetables and fruits. So please be safe and if you have any doubt then don't try.

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Soft cheese is not made of pasteurized milk then it contain listeria which cause food poisoning. That can be deadly for unborn babies.