Has anyone consumed soft cheeses during pregnancy?

Has anyone consumed soft cheeses during pregnancy? I forgot that feta should be avoided and had Greek salad, and I'm very worried now because the infection may not be visible in mummies but may cause harm to the unborn baby before or after birth.

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Don't worry too much mummy. You should be fine. i think the occasional slip up is ok, the risk is very low if it's not part of your regular diet. I too had a few slip ups when I was pregnant, I had parma ham as I didn't know I shouldn't be eating them. Baby was born healthy. Pregnancy is already very stressful for us ladies so do try to relax and don't worry yourself too much ok.

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2mo ago

thank you mummy.... your sharing really helps! been asking around too and I'm comforted to know that as long as I'm careful I don't have to dwell on it too much!

I do lol. Just have it moderately. Any food is fine honestly.

eat once only is ok. don’t worry so much