HELP! Mummy is shagged.

Why my 5 months old baby is active in the middle of the night? He will wake up every an hour for milk or wants to talk/ play. He had nap for an hour in daytime. What can I do?

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is he undergoing some developmental leaps like learning new skills? also I think 1 hour nap for a 5 month old could be a little too little. 5 months old should be on a 3-nap schedule. observe his wake time, he might be too overtired, hence affecting his night sleep.

10mo ago

At the moment, he is picking up skills to hold his milk bottle on his own. Normally he does took afternoon nap often. Recently for 2 weeks, he is seem not interested to nap, or maybe I should phrase it as he is easily got woken up. No change in environment. Your respond seems to be logical. How can I help him in this?