Who is your favorite mommy blogger?

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I am a follower of Neri Naig Miranda both to her Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/mrsnerimiranda/?hl=en) and blog (nerimiranda.wordpress.com). She share lots of practical tips, stories, budget techniques and anything that opens the door for people to see who she really is.

I'm not too familiar with a lot of mom bloggers, but like Joey and Bea, I've heard a lot of good things about Joy Mendoza. :) She seems like a reputable and reliable blogger with a lot of good things to share.

I didn't know about Joy 'til now. I just visited her website and I think it's ovely. I'll subscribe to her newsletter. So far, I follow Frances of Topazhorizon.com

I really like Marilen Faustino-Montenegro's blog ( http://marilenstyles.com/ ) because I like interior design and she's all about simple living. :)

Agree with Joey! I love Joy Tanchi Mendoza. I love that she's talking about her family and her relationship with her husband

My favorite mommy blogger is joy tanchi mendoza. I can really relate to her stories and i learn from her a lot.

Joy Mendoza of teachwithjoy.com. I love her insights about marriage and family.

I love reading Rica Bonifacio's blogs. We're attending the same church too.

I've always loved Patty Laurel! http://www.pattylaurel.com/

Frances of Topaz Horizon & Topaz Mommy!