Filpino moms, who are your favorite local celebrity moms?

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I love Cheska Kramer because she gives practical tips in their facebook account on parenting and marriage, and she serves as an inspiration to us moms to exude self-confidence and boost our morale. :) I also love youtube sensation itsjudyslife, though she is living in the US and her kids are half-American half-Filipino, I love how she raises her daughters to be independent and smart :)

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Probably Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Marian Rivera. I love Cheska because she seems to be a pro in parenting and she manages to raise a beautiful family with Doug. I'd love to be a wife as good as her! Meanwhile, I love Marian because she promotes breastfeeding, one of my life advocacies. I think she will be as awesome as Cheska.

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jennica garcia...she is a hands on mom to her daughter mori..shealso have a blog and a group of mommy in facebook..she s a breastfeeding advocate and very simple.

Rica Peralejo!! Nice and very down to earth..