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at which weeks of pregnancy is good to eat lactation cookies? or take after delivery? im currently at 36+5 weeks

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after delivery as advised by the pastry chef whom i ordered my lactation cookies from. I was supposed to receive the lactation cookies i ordered last week but the chef called me and asked me whether if I already delivered. She told me that it is not advised to take their cookies while pregnant because some of the ingredients can induced labor. so, i resched the delivery a week before my edd which is 1st of July. hope this helps 😊

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Why do you need to supplement if you don't know if your supply will be oversupply, undersupply or just enough. Most people don't actually need any kind of lactation supplement, and it might not even work for some. For me lactation cookies don't work at all. Just latch /pump as often as possible if you want to build supply. All the best!

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I recommend after confinement. Due to supply is most during confinement it might make you engorged or worse oversupply until you get mastitis. Due to personal experience.

Just went for talk a few weeks back and the breastfeeding expert (also a doc) mentioned that lactation cookies are just comfort food.

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Take after delivery when your milk come in. Afraid that it will make you engorge especially the milk doesn’t come in first few days

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Lactation cookies are to be taken after delivery.

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Usually after delivery.

I took after delivery

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thanks 💕❤️