Which schools do you recommend in the Katong belt? Tao Nan Ngee Ann Tanjong katong primary school CHIJ Katong primary Opera Estate

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The unrivalled best is Tao Nan. It's the top 5 school in Singapore. Frankly all the schools in this area and in your list are pretty good. I am from CHIJ Katong Primary. It's not too bad. In 2014, about 13% of the school scored above 250. The national average is 8.6%. 74.9% of the school was eligible for express vs national average of 57.4%. The kids fro CHIJ Katong are strong in English but weaker in Chinese. I believe they score lower than the national average for Chinese.

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Highest PSLE score for 2015 was 275 for CHIJ Katong, 277 for Tao Nan, and 267 for Ngee Ann.

When looking at MOE listing for school availability based on Phase 2C supplementary round. Tao Nan - Nil space available Ngee Ann - Nil space available Tanjong Katong - 26 space Chij Katong - 26 space Opera Estate - 33 space You can also consider Telok Kurau Primary

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Ranking it based on the number of parents who subsrbed to the school at phase 2c. 1. Tao Nan (oversubscribed) 2. Ngee Ann (oversubscribed) 3. Opera estate 4. Tanjong Katong Primary 5. Chij Katong

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i heard tao nan is very popular in that area. then next is chij katong

There's also Haig girls to consider?

Tanjong Katong Primary

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Tanjong Katong(:

Tao NaN is good

Tao Nan