Which NB diaper is good? 1.offspring 2. Merries

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merries are more convenient to get while the offspring only can order online.... both are gd... my own preference is huggies platinum

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Haven't tried these brands. I used Huggies Platinum and it's really good. You can ask for sample at their website.

Only have experience with Merries. Can try both and compare which one your baby’s skin is more suitable

My child has been using Merries since NB. Nowadays I switch between Merries and Peekaboo diapers.

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I used Huggies NB but both brands are good too. I find Merries a bit too thick though.

Offspring and Drypers touch been using it for my lo for 5 months now since Newborn.

I use Rascal + Friends. No diaper rash with my girl. Recommended by my friend.

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Merries. I used for both my lo and it’s good so far.

I'm using merries. Haven tried offspring though.

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tbh, Huggies is better. Own preference :)