Which month u start giving porridge?? My lo is 8 months n i m still giving puree. Is that normal??

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My son is 6months old and does not want to take puree. I would say follow your childs speed. Some are able to take textured food earlier. Each child has their own pace.

I started giving porridge since 7mo. You need to gradually start giving her more textured food and even finger foods like puffs so that she will learn to chew. Before 1 year old baby should explore as much taste as possible so that they will not grow up to be fussy eaters. Perhaps you can first give porridge with 1:10 water and then decrease to 1:7 water after 1-2 weeks then 1:5. (1 portion of rice to 10 portions of water)

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I did not give porridge but I've already started rice. And lumpy food. He hates watery food when I started introducing solid and will keep crying till I change it to lumpier food for him

I've already introduced soft porridge to my 7 months old LO. I prefer to give her more textured food so that she will learn how to chew instead of just swallowing. With fruits n veg I just chop very small to cook. With meat and fish I just use a fork to mash it to smaller pieces. If you're starting porridge you can add more water and cook longer until it's very mushy instead of grainy. But before you start, it is important to gauge your LOs readiness to lumpy/more textured food. Some signs you can look for is: – You baby tolerates thick smooth purees without any problem. – He is starting to move the food around in his mouth using his tongue – You notice the first chewing movements

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U can give your child some texture porridge. Meaning not totally blended till puree. Leave some grains for baby to chew slowly. Encourage chewing so their gums and jaws will be stronger.

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Around 7th months.

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You can include a little porridge in their puree to begin. You can start now.


Once she starts having more teeth, you can try very very soft porridge instead of giving purée. Then build her capacity to eat solid food slowly

Homemade Oatmeal cereal and porridge is fine to introduce to your baby from 4 months of age. I started with puree and gave my son porridge at his 5th month of age.

You can start solid food for your lo. Rice is a good first food to start feeding your lo, as it is least likely to cause any adverse reaction. After that, add on grains such as fine oat, barley, and wheat porridges to provide additional energy.

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