Which is healthier quinoa, red rice or brown rice?

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Hi, Brown rice is best in terms of its health benefits, but quinoa, with its high fibre, protein and iron count holds as good. Brown rice is rich in nutrients and high in health quotient but if not cooked well, it goes wrong. Here's is a very interesting article that compares the three and gives you a fair idea about the nutrients they contain. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/07/12/brown-rice-vs-quinoa_n_3587555.html

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Sorry, wala sa options yun answer ko, but the best one for me is black rice. I believe it has the lowest calorie count and high in iron, yun din secret ko bakit hindi ako na constipate when I was pregnant. 🙂

Hindi ko alam iyong quinoa pero in rice varieties, nabasa ko na healthiest daw ang red rice, followed by black, then brown. Least healthy ang white.

All of them are healthy. Quinoa is expensive. Try them all para kung ano mas okay sayo dun ka na mag stick.

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Simula nung nagkaroon ako ng gestational diabetes, nag brown rice na ako til now 2 months na si baby

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mam gud afternoon may medicine ka pod ba for diabetes? anong symptoms po?

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Brown rice and quinoa provide about the same benefits

Brown rice ka nalang mamsh 😁

Brown rice for the win!

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Lahat sila healthy po

Quinoa mas healthier