which country & city is more suitable to bring newborn to for the first time? looking @ when baby is around 3 months old. *preferably nearby country*

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I didn't dare to travel with a 3 month old. Afraid of immunity problems and lack of medical help. You should plan out places with good pediatrician care just in case of any issues like sudden fever or stomach flu or virus spreading accidentally. Do remember to buy ear muffs for them to protect their tiny little ear drums from loud noises.

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Somewhere clean and fresh. 3 months maybe still quite young, can try staycation. I bought my LO to New Zealand at 6 months. She enjoyed herself very much. The air is good, although the car rides are quite long.

Australia will be good during their end winter season not too cold for the baby also. If not nearby will be genting? Try out a short trip before heading out for a long duration period

Australia or New Zealand for its scenery

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Australia, lots of greenery

New Zealand?




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