What’s ur recommendation for baby wipes

Which brand is good and why?

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Infanity too! I nvr thought a local brand will be good but I never looked back aft using it. Had used Pigeon before but it loses moisture v fast and each wipe is small. Used Huggies and Jeju wipes too buy not as value for money as Infanity. Check out Shopee fast deals and u can get them super cheap in bulk!

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Infanity for the win! Thick, wet and cheap! Comes out piece per piece. Alcohol free, paraben free, fragrance free, Aloe Vera extract & Vitamin E.

Jeju wipes! Thick, no fragrance, no alcohol and not too dry or wet. Can buy at Shopee. Best to buy a carton cos it's really cheap & good!

Bebesup and goongbe. Thick and gentle - comes out piece per piece and the cover is great in keeping wipes from getting dry.

Pigeon wipes for sensitive skin ..and also huggies wipes..good at trapping more mess 👍

Water wipes. Thick wipes, doesn’t clump, and wipes don’t dry

jeju. the price is reasonable and material is good

jeju wet wipes. value for money thick and soft .

pureen for me . thickness and wetness

Mummy friends recommended Jeju wipes