which brand of baby wipes to use for nb?

Which brand of baby wipes is the most economical to use for NB? And roughly how much should a piece cost?

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Huggies / offspring! Definitely much more ex as compared to other brands. I only used them for the first 3 months. On the 4th month onwards, I swop over to cheap brands like jeju wipes😂


Jeju wet wipes has been using since baby nb. 10 pack 16 buck. 1 pack 80 pieces about 2 cent per piece.

I used jeju. Per pack abt $1.70/80 pc. Look out for sales on shopee. Will include free delivery

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Unscented ones. I uses lec 99.9% water (yellow packaging) during my girl NB time

Pureen pink color, i bought 1 carton(24packs) at shopee.

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Pigeon is good then i try Redmart (surprisingly is good)

Super Mum

Natural Organics $39.90 for 10 packs of 100 sheets

Infanity. Local brand. Cheap and good! Very moisture

I've been using Pigeon baby wipes all along

redmart wipes, bought in bulk.. cheap