Newborn Mattress

Where do you all get the newborn mattress? Any particular brand is better

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I got the mattress as part of the package when buying the cot. But the type I chose was the 4 inch thick foam anti-dustmite mattress. I personally feel that for a proper cot, the mattress must be at least 4 inches thick, and must be firm. My elder daughter has used the mattress for almost 4 years already, and it’s still good. No spinal issues, and the mattress was good for tummy time too.

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I got it FOC together with three baby cot that we bought. They even gave another cooling mattress for free, so I have 2.

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I bought it from baby kingdom, I choose the one with holes, feels safer for baby cos baby like to sleep facing downward

Hi, Please try at IKEA. Also, you can explore options at Qoo10 and Carousell as well

The anti-dustmite one from Baby Kingdom via Qoo10. I think can use cart coupon.

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I bought from IKEA. Durable and good material.

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I bought from ikea baby mattress

Baby love at baby fair

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I brought from Qoo.

We like seahorse