When do you think is the best time to introduce kids to fast food meals?

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Since they're yummy and fun, but not really healthy, I think they should just be reserved for special occasions! A great time to introduce would be a cousin's birthday party. That way the child will associate the food with the party and think that it's only during celebrations that we get fast food.

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If you can totally avoid it, the better. Fast food meals are considered junk food so it is best not to introduce it to your child. You can have excemptions like birthday parties as mentioned by Dazzle. At least your kids will not bug you and request for fast food meals everytime you go out.

I learned to eat fast food when I was 10. But prior to that, my parents used to ring us to chinese restaurants so I grew up liking siopao and other traditional health foods. It's healthier I believe. So, I will train my child the same way. No fast food at the early age.

We've been training our child to eat homecooked meals and we only go to fast food restos if there are occasions like birthday parties.

At one year, my baby enjoy eating Jollibee spaghetti and french fries. Just keep everything in moderation.