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Hi when are we suppose to consume any formula by ? Because mine doesnt finish in 21 days normally 1 month or so ?

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Hi Mama, most formula brands last about a month after opening. You should be able to find the info on the can. Please do not use it after the stated time or 1 month after opening as the ingredients would have degraded. If you don’t use much formula, perhaps get a smaller can? There are some brands that sell them in individual sachets as well.

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Hi, is best to consume within 1 month. My confinement nanny told me that as the milk powder will “air leak” or can be said as freshness is not there anymore. My baby couldn’t finish in a month at the early days too. I throw the balance away after a month as I worry it will caused wind in her tummy.

Depends on the child my child drink 1 can 1 week until 1 year old... Try n finish by 1 month..after that discard

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Have to refer to the tin. But most of the time, I think have to finish in 4 weeks

usually within one month after opening

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Hardly u can consume in a month