Hi, any recommendations for formula milk for 1 month old?

What formula milk should I get?

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Try to get various samples to try them out. You can google the formula companies and usually their websites let you request for a sample. Plenty of brands out there for formula using cow’s milk, goat’s milk or soy-based. You can go to a large supermarket to check them out too. If your child is more than 12 months old, you can also give fresh milk instead of formula.

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3y ago

1 month old.. milk companies are not allowed to give free samples for Stage 1 (below 6 mo) to encourage breastfeeding

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I used Similac many years back cos that's what they gave in hospital, and no side effects, so we continued for the first week till BM kicked in. But you can also select based on nutrients level or price of FM. Dumex Mamil Gold, Aptamil, Friso, Enfa, NAN all are common ones that most parents use.

I gave my son Dumex Dulac. It was what he had at KKH and it's really affordable compared to the other brands (~$14). If your baby is not fussy and you're cost conscious, can try that out.

most hospitals will give out samples for baby to try. Check for signs of rashes or any discomfort in babies when changing formula milk. Happy parenting:)

Got to try and see which one suits your baby. In fact, all brands are more or less similar. More popular ones will be Enfa, Abbott, etc.

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u need to test it out on which she is suitable. enfamil is the closest to bm. nan is another good choice

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Try to sample formula milk first before making a decision. Your baby might not like the taste .

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been giving Friso from birth..u can request 4 a sample 2 try.

Thank you so much!

I got Enfamil. Recommended by PD