When should we start preparing for PSLE? their syllabus looks so tough esp maths, im starting to worry!

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Hi Juliana, The key is working smart, not burning out! :( If your child is keeping up with schoolwork but you would like to prepare him/her further, have a look at our Conquer series across English, Science, and Mathematics subjects. These are great practice books and are designed to enhance your child's proficiencies in topics in preparation for PSLE :) You can browse the books on our website www.sapgrp.com, or in any Popular bookstores. I hope this helps!

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My son took his PSLE this year, and I have another boy taking his next year (so speak about stress)! What I found is that it's good to start early, that way you won't need to get worked up nearing the exams. Your child should be confident, cool and collected at that time. Slow and steady! All the best, don't worry too much.

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I started on the first week of PSLE year. I got exams from different TOP schools with answer key across all Subjects and had my son answer the exams Everyday again and again. Repetition becomes a habit and habit of answering allowed my son to learn and retain learnings for the exam. He did well during his PSLE

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Call me kiasu, but I think children should begin preparing well in advance so that there is not extreme pressure towards the end. Beginning of P5 i would start the skill building already.

Thanks mamas! Wonder if there are classes for parents to learn about those heuristics and all that they teaching the kids. If my child asks me , I'm gonna have a tough time! Any tips, mums?

I hope this article helps for beginning the prep for psle: https://sg.theasianparent.com/how-to-prepare-for-psle-part-1

Don't pressure your kids too young. I would suggest to let the school handle your child's development.

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It's good to start early esp for Math. I heard they start as early as P5(: