When you have problems in the family, does it manifest in your other activities like at work for instance?

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Yes, of course. Sometimes no matter how you try to keep it to yourself, if what's boggling your mind involves the family, you can't help but be affected in everything you do. You just have to learn how to manage on how you deal with it because sometimes you need presence of mind especially at work.

Yes. It will always manifest in everything you do no matter how hard you try to keep it to yourself. Especially if the people involvedare very dear to you, you will definitely feel down as well. Ibang usapan pag family ang may problema kasi apektado lahat.

maybe, problems in the family can manifest other activities,but it depends how you bring your emotion how we react,and we can control it by having positivity w/ that problem so that it cannot manifest other activities..

It manifests in everything actually not only at work. Even in eating! I lost my appetite most of the time when I'm problematic. I can last for more than 24 hours without eating when I have a major problem.

Of course, especially if you feel like you're the person responsible for it. The best thing you can do in such situations is try tio figure out how to fix it.