My baby prefers husband

I feel quite depressed as I've left a good job to be a stay home mum to care for my baby and I literally do everything for my baby yet when my husband comes home, my 3 month old smiles at him so brightly. I feel she isn't reciprocating to me. Not sure why? Is it because she doesn't like tummy time but I do it with her or i am the "bad guy" because I have to give her medication, put cream over her rash etc etc that she registered that I'm not someone she should love or smile at? Please don't judge. I'm really upset. #1stimemom #advicepls #pleasehelp

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you can try interacting, playing with your baby more. tummy time, giving medication shouldnt be the reason why the baby doesnt like you. i do scold my boy too when he is very naughty and force him when have to give medication. don have to be so stress about it. sometimes kids change as they grow. alot of daddies are sad coz babies are usually not close to them. i think you can think positively. at least if you really need to go out with friends or me time, your husband can handle and your kid wont stick to you like a glue.

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Don's be stress. May be your husband talks her lot and she is replying to him. I also had that issue, You can talk , sing more to your baby.

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May I know how that panned out? Did ur baby eventually like you more or equally?