Is it a good idea to transit my 6 months old from drinking milk from milk bottle to sippy cup? Or wait till they are older?

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6 months old is about right. Especially if your baby now has a good grasp of the handle. Having a sippy cup could also aid in their motor development. It is quite common for parents to introduce their children to sippy cups from six months one, together with solid feeding. You can also consider trying to let your child learn to drink from a cup with the help of a straw. Some of my friends chose that instead of the sippy cup and had great success. Their children catch on quickly. You can consider that too! :)

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I started my lo when they start solid @ 6 months old.Sippy cup is easier to wash. I am using those simple design so that I can wash it often.

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Thanks ladies:) for feeding water, I'm using cup. So for milk, U all also use sippy cup/ cup with straws, right ?:)

I didn't go bottles, went straight to cups. Apparently it's better for their orthodontic development too.