Period postpartum.

When did your period return after you gave birth? Is it like what it used to be or just random spotting?

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Menses came after I stopped breast feeding at 4th mth. Count after the 4th pp, The first 2 mth was spotting and last 2-3 days after that it was super heavy for the 3-4 mth and then 5th mth become normal.

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Mine immediately after my lochia cleared up. Like 1 day after. So I would say in 1.5 months time? Breasfed for 5-6 days only, after that stopped breastfeeding.


I'm bfing mama. 1st menses 6 month but very little kind. 3 day no more 2nd menses came 10 month pp, super heavy. Menses still haywire now haha

It generally ranges in the period of 3-6 months and is also very much dependent on whether you are breastfeeding

4 months pp. it’s the normal menses kind of thing

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11 months pp and it's just a light menses


5.5months. I'm fully breastfeeding :)

After 2 months. Already normal mens

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7 months post partum. Heavy flow.

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After 2 months, regular menses cycle...

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Were u breastfeeding during the period of time?