when did you had your menses back after you've given birth? my LO is 9months already, still no period yet... mixed feeding my baby

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One benefit of breastfeeding is that it can delay your period. If you've been breastfeeding exclusively, day and night, since you had your baby it can take six months or longer before you have to run to the store for tampons, suffer from PMS, or cope with cramps. But the less often your baby nurses, the sooner your period may come back. So if your baby sleeps through the night from an early age, or if you're supplementing with formula, it's likely your period will return sooner than six months. Note: Breastfeeding is no guarantee ovulation will stop. The information above describes the general pattern of postpartum periods, but breastfeeding's effects on menstruation vary widely. Some women who breastfeed exclusively around the clock may start menstruating a month after giving birth, while others who supplement with formula may not get their period for several months.

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It's hard to say exactly when will one period start again as the timing is different for every mum and it also depends on your body as well as how you are feeding your baby. i knew breastfeeding will delay the return of our menses. i knew of some of my friends who exclusive ly breastfeed their baby for 2 years and their menses has yet to return. For my case, i breastfeed for 10 months and my menses actually came back like 7 months after my delivery.

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My menses only came back after one yr as I was fully breastfeeding. It was little and irregular. As i decreased in breastfeeding, my menses comes on a more regular basis. As advised by my gynae, we are suppose to do check up once a year. You can go back to visit your gynae slightly earlier if you are worried. :)

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If you are fully breastfeeding, usually there will b no menses. However, if mixed feeding is involved, depending on yr hormones, some get it between 9-12 mths or some even earlier. It's good and bad depending on how you see it.

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My menses came back at 6 months.. I read that if your baby is no longer latching at night the higher chances of getting your menses coming soon.. My boy sleeps through the night from 2 months onwards.. My boy is fully breastfed..

hi i have a friend who gave birth and never came menses for 7 months and when she went for a chck up she finds out shes pregnant again..i guess maybe u should consult the doctor and she the outcome.

I was breastfeeding and mixed feeding too. My periods returned just short of 9 months pp. I know of many people who exclusively bf and whose periods returned at 3 mpp.

my menses only came back 1mth plus after I stop bf when lo was 1yo. I pump quite frequently thru out the 1yo. mayb that's why menses came only when I stopped bf.

I have not have my menses for 15 months, my boy is going 16 months. I am breastfeeding. Its normal for those who're breastfeeding, even though you're mix feeding.

Are you still breastfeeding? If yes, its very normal that your menses haven't return yet. My girl is also coming 9months and I hv no menses back yet too