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What are your experiences with sleep training? My 5 month baby sleeps on the bed with me and my husband sleeps in another room. My baby recently wakes up every hour to latch (from 2-3hours before) and it’s really affecting me. I’m exhausted.

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Hi! My baby is 5 months too! I usually keep to a routine at night so once it hits 10pm, I would take her to the room and put her in her bed and switch off the lights. I usually give her the pacifier (her pacifier is her cue to sleep) and remove it once she is deep asleep. now she wakes up at about 3am or so for a feed, on really good nights she can last till 5am.. often she will make noises in the middle of the night, if I just latched her like an hour ago, I would give her the pacifier and she would continue to sleep (I dont want her to latch for comfort) general rule of thumb for us is that we don't switch on the room lights at all so even when she opens her eyes, she knows it's still night time and will return to sleep!

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You can actually pump n bottle feed at night. Ask your hub to help on certain days if u feel very exhausted. I also co sleeping back then, baby sleeps on bed, my hub on the floor with mattress haha. But I also mixed feed. Bf n bottle feed. If you wish to wean off by latching when hit Eg 1yo. It’s also easier u - baby will get use to bottle feed n won’t depend on latching all the time. (Depends on you) . Eg Some mummies latch in the day , bottle feed at night. Or another way round. if you are putting lo to school. Also same. some mummies may find it easier.. * if you decided lo join CC at later age Eg 18 months , you can do the same also * Some babies might reject bf. Some still bf till baby is 2-3yo.

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