Going on cruise during first / second trimester

What would be your advice for going on cruise during first / second trimester?

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i checked with my gynae and got the go-ahead to go on a cruise during my first tri. it's considered to be pretty safe because u won't even be able to really feel the ship moving. just make sure u don't over-exert yourself with the activities. i was having a bit of bleeding issues so i walked slowly and took a lot of breaks. most of the activities are pretty sedentary anyway. just don't engage in the physical activities if u want to play safe. overall, it was a good break for me :) good for the mental health of preggies!

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Remember to get a memo from the gynae if he/she allows. Wanted to go during my 2nd tri and that was the requirement and they also stated which weeker onwards can’t go to Cruise.

Hello dear, if the cruise is not very bumpy, you can travel in second trimester but always good to get a go ahead from your doctor before you make your travel plans. :)

I think cruise don’t allow mothers after w24 to board

10mo ago

yup that's right