What would you do if your child vomits in the plane? we have our first long flight and my youngest child gets motion sickness. Am so worried he will chuck in the plane!

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There are barf bags in the plane for this reason. There is also a medicine which is formulated for children to prevent motion sickness. http://www.dramamine.com/motion-sickness-medicine/for-kids/ Here are some tips you can read so as to minimise the chances of motion sickness in the plane. http://sg.theasianparent.com/novomin-tips-for-parents-relieving-motion-sickness-in-children/

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You can purchase anti motion wrist band for your baby to wear. Try to give less food if you know your kid has tendency vomiting due to motion sickness. There is a standby vomiting bag in front of your flight seat that you can use.

my elder one had this problem. i always carried a number of paper bags and kept each individual bag wrapped inside a plastic one. that way, whenever i felt she would puke, i would hold the bag to her mouth and once done, dispose.

unfortunately we tried the anti nausea bands but they didn't really work :( i give my kids Ondem an hour before travel and also carry paper and plastic bags as well as hand towels and wipes.