What to do when your toddler doesn't want to use the car seat at all?

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Initially do not push him too much and you can be by his side but eventually teach him why it is important for him to sit on the car seat. Show him some videos sitting in ghe car seat and let him know how you appreciate him sitting in the car seat. You can treat him if he does that. Appreciate him front of family members snd his friends about this. I am sure, he will get used to it. Just keep encouraging him and appreciate him when he sits in the car seat.

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Before, I used to really force him but to no avail. I let him sit with me kaya lang it's a bit challenging now since I have a younger kid. So minsan, they both want to stand or sit everywhere in the car. I have no choice but to keep an eye on them all the time.

My 2 year old initially refused to sit in there. Well i stood my ground. I put her in and she wailed and screamed for a while. After a few attempts, till date i have no more issues. She knows that she has to be in there and i explain it to her.

Don't force the kid. Let him sit beside you. Just make sure the baby doesn't stand inside the car to prevent any injury when the car suddenly brakes.