What did you do when your toddler doesn't want to eat?

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You should be clear. It's like your kids doesn't want to eat at all (nothing goes into stomach) or eating less than usual? For me, it's fine to eat less than usual. But if the kids doesn't want to eat anything at all. you should go to the pediatrician. Maybe they had problem like in their stomach etc.

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Not ideal, but I'd make it into a game if baby doesn't want to eat. You can make a tic-tac-toe board with fruits and bread or use those colourful plates with cartoon characters. Make the foods look interesting and fun to attract baby's attention and hopefully get them to eat.

my daughter complains about stomach cramps I dnt knw if she is playing or really something is wrong coz I took her to the doctor they gave her medication but still it will stop for days thn starts again if anyone had faced this please assist

Dealing with a toddler who doesn't want to eat can be frustrating, but with patience, consistency and trying varieties of food, you will get to know the food your LO likes. I have been in that shoe before, but now, he's improved greatly.

i’ll stop giving them a food. because when they’re hungry they will eat. No need to pushed your kids to eat. it cause trauma for a child.

lagi kami nag aaway mommy pag ayaw nya kumain 😂 nililibang ko nlng sa ibang bagay at sinisubuan ko.... tapos sa milk nlng ako bawi

give them something for them to play . or let they move around and try to give them eat . sometimes it works

gave baby the food repeatedly in smaller and slower bits. with multivitamin syrup to boost appetite