What do you want your children to be when they grow up?

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Hi, I want my children to be either doctor, engineer, social worker or a teacher. Actually, I want them to pick up a career that gives something back to society. I want them to do something that is kind of a stepping stone in making world a better place to live in. Be it educating people about being kind not only to each other but to every living being around us. And that includes animals. So, basically I want my kids to be a part of the building process of the civilisation.

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I will guide them but never ever force her to get the thing which I want I will allow her to choose her career in which she is interested not which I dream of her .She will do her best if she is interested .I m physio and hubby is MBBS but we have mutually decided not to force her to tk any stream though we will encourage her for good education which is must

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Anything they want. As long as they were in good life. No any kind forcement at all. I just keep praying the best for each of them. What ever they would be they must be never forget me and my husband. 😄

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No matter which career path they choose but I want them to be good human beings first. I think only if they have good human values, they will be able to justice to whatever they will be in their lives.

Depend on wat kinda interest my LO is gonna hve & also her talent... So watever JOB as long as my LO is happi & comfortable I AM GONNA BE HER MORAL SUPPORT

As they like. They want to choose their career. I ll just guide her. But they wanted to be good person and should know human values..

If she'll obey what I want for her to be, I like her to take up medicine in college then choose Pedia as her field of expertise.

I wouldn't impose what career my children will take. I'll just be here to guide them and ensure they achieve their dreams.

I want her to be a chef someday and put up her own resto.

Happy & follow her dreams