What stomach pain and cramps should I look out for in pregnancy?

What stomach pain and cramps should I look out for in pregnancy? Most stomach pain and cramps in pregnancy are nothing to worry about. But there are some symptoms you should know about as they could be a sign of something more serious. If you feel any of the following pains, even if you're not experiencing any of the other symptoms listed, call your midwife, doctor or hospital immediately. Severe pain on one side of the lower stomach in early pregnancy  This pain could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. Other symptoms may include: bleedingpain in the tip of your shoulderbrown dischargefeeling faint or dizzydiscomfort when pooing or weeing. Severe cramps in your stomach with or without bleeding that lasts for several hours  This could be a sign of a miscarriage or placental abruption. Regular painful contractions/cramps before 37 weeks  This could be a sign of premature labour, especially if you also have: either a slow trickle or a gush of clear or pinkish fluid from the vagina or any increase in vaginal dischargebackache that’s unusual for youcramps like strong period painsa feeling of pressure in the lowest part of your stomach (pelvis). Severe pain in your stomach that doesn’t go away  This pain could be a sign of placental abruption. Other symptoms may include: tenderness when you press your stomachback pain with or without bleeding. Pain in the upper stomach  Pain just under the ribs is common in later pregnancy because your baby is growing and the uterus is pushing up under the ribs. But if this pain is bad or persistent, particularly on the right side, it can be a sign of pre-eclampsia. Other symptoms may include: a sudden increase in swelling in your face, hands or feeta very bad headache or a dull headache that won’t go awayproblems with your vision, such as blurring or flashing lightsvomiting or just generally feeling unwell. Pre-eclampsia usually develops in the second half of pregnancy (from around 20 weeks).  Lower stomach pain or dull back pain  Call your midwife if you have this pain and one or more of the following: pain or discomfort when weeinga need to wee often (on its own this is common in a normal pregnancy)a raised temperature  (over 37.5°C)wee that smells bad, is cloudy or bloodyfeeling sick (nausea) and vomiting. These are symptoms of an urinary tract infection. It's not an emergency but should be treated as soon as possible. (c)tommys.org

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