Is these a pregnancy symptom ?

1.The lower part of my stomach leftside is painful if i will to describe the pain its like im having cramps in my feet , but my stomach also is getting tinder. And the cramps is like changing location at my lower part of my stomach, sometimes at my rytside sometimes at the center but mostly the cramps is at the leftside , and most worst the pain is being worst when i sneeze ,lough, or i will speak slightly loud .. What is this kind of syntoms ? Pls give me some tips what im going to do .

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Hi mumsh! First of all I assume you are trying to concieve.. Or not? Anyways, did you miss your period? How many weeks now? Based on my experience sis, I've had 2 pregnancies already but it never hurt the same way as that during the first trimester. You can try confirming it with a PT as early as 1 week.

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