what are some ways you use to keep your anger in control and not shout at kids?

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i have in a very funny way many times laughed out loud when i am angry. actually, when my daughter does something, i sit down on the floor on her level, look at her and ask her what she did. the answers she gives or the faces she makes are too funny to not laugh. at toddler age, she does not do soemthing so bad that i have to lose my cool for it :)

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if my partner is also at home i try to ask him to take over and move out for a bit. for me, it always works better to head out of that room and let the matter calm down for soem time, before i react. i have seen that reacting when i am angry only leads to shouting and tears and feeling guilty, and does not really help anyone

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the method that works best for me is to not react immediately but take a deep breath and count till 20. once that is done, i am able to focus better and speak normally, without shouting. however, it is not a foolproof method and there are of course times when i have yelled at them.