What are some of recommended classes or activities that you enrolled/planning to enrol for your child? My child is 2.5years old now. Thinking of enrolling her for some activities. (She's currently attending full day preschool.) Thank you!

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Swimming and Piano for my boy. He is currently 3years old. Piano as i believe it cultivates patience, social skills, discipline and physical skills. Swimming- social, skills, physical skills, discipline, exercise and is great for bonding sessions and even a family day out. Just my two cents :)

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8y ago

For swimming i did it earlier. Intending ti send my smaller one for infant swimming. As for piano only can start at 3. Im considering now.

My boy started with music at 18 months and still continuing. I just signed him up for an art holiday program - if he likes it - then I will add on Art to his enrichment curriculum. My son is 3 years old. PS : You can find enrichment classes for every age, at the best deal at todaygotclass.com

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