What are some lesser-known parenting techniques that are highly effective?

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How about the zen-approach? Not to be mistaken with the slacker or deadbeat parenting style, the zen approach is more about taking a relaxed stance of parenting. The key is not to freak out at every little thing. Children are known to mimic their parents so if their parents were more relaxed, zen and not so much worked up over every little thing, maybe the child will be just as calm? I know this isn't exactly a proven thing but my partner's best friend and his wife are two of the most relaxed and laid-back people I know. Their first child, a son, is just like them. Very kind, calm and the sweetest child ever. I've never seen him throw a tantrum ever! Everyone thought they got lucky with the little boy but when the second child came along, a baby girl, she was just like her brother. Just as calm, just as quiet and even when she cries, it's for short spurts and is otherwise a really easy child to tend to. I honestly think that this has alot to do with how their parents are.

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