What Skincare do you use?

What Skincare are you ladies using now? I'm trying to change all my skincare to pregnancy friendly ones

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I did switch out some of my products during pregnancy. I'm not terribly strict about it but I changed out products that contain ingredients that are more apparently not safe/ might not be safe. Generally, I did a quick look at the ingredients list of all my existing products and I kept away those with ingredients that I won't be comfortable using (E.g. Retinoids, BHA/AHA). For purchasing of new products, I'd do the same but I won't even purchase if they contain ingredients I won't use. For local skincare brands that are pretty safe, I'm using Frankskincare and A for apothecary. There are very few acne products for pregnancy, so I found one from Frankskincare and it has helped my hormonal breakouts (I hardly had before preg). Selected products from Rooki beauty, like their face wash and masque are okay too. For body I largely use Aveeno and Palmer's cause my skin did become a tad dry, and their products are generally okay for mums and babies. If you're a heavy sunblock user like i am, I would suggest getting a physical sunscreen, like those with Zinc. I won't recommend the one I'm using cause it's hard to apply :/ (Neutrogena sheer zinc). I only used it for swimming cause it does a great job otherwise. I took reference from this site, which has a listing of a lot of international brands. Some listed 'unsafe' ingredients are debated, so it's your preference on how much you want to follow. https://www.15minutebeauty.com/pregnancy-friendly-skincare-products.html I also read Dr. Rachel Ho's post. She's a sg doctor in aesthetics and mama of 2. https://www.drrachelho.com/blog/pregnancy-skincare-guide-avoid-unsafe/

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3y ago

I tink I'm still in the 1st trimester that's why the breakout not so jialat yet...but I can feel the milli seeds on my forehead... thanks for the assurance on the skincare and introducing the products that are safe for pregnancy use. my first time so abit noob and weary.

I used the same product I used even before pregnancy.. because majority of mine products are Korean brand

I have not changed much for my current skincare, even when I was pregnant I only switched my sunscreen.

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You can try anmyna toner as it is moisturising and gentle, it is suitable for all skin type.. 😊

3y ago

Welcome 😁

Haven’t change any of my skin care. I still use the same products except no more acid serums

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I haven’t changed any .. but better to increase more moisturiser coz of sagging skin

3y ago

omg!!!! that's horrifying to know

it's not necessary to change your product routine,

I use wowo from head to toe. It helped me a lot!

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I didn’t change any of my skin routine :)


Didn't change any skincare.