When should I start to change my skincare products?

Hi mummies! I’ve read that we should change the skincare product to preggie-friendly products. But I’m not sure when’s a good time to change or is it necessary to change? Thanks in advance! :)

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I changed since I found out I was pregnant. Some of your existing product may still be pregnancy friendly. Just check through the ingredient list. A quick google search will let you know what are the ingredients to avoid during pregnancy :)

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i stick to my usual skincare and didn't change any .. everything is fine .. as long you don't use any chemical, thosw retinol stuff or peeling skincare, okay already.. not worth spending on new skincare really ..

I stuck to my usual skincare which is very fuss free anyways. Khiels ultra gentle facial cleanser and moisturiser. So long as no strong chemicals, your usual skincare should be good. Hydration is key!

I only changed mine because there were some changes to my skin during pregnancy. From oily to a bit dry with eczema on my eyelids. However if you were using retinol, should stop using. 😊

For myself, as soon as I realised I was pregnant..items such as shampoo, deodorant, no perfume, skincare not much(as long as no retinol), makeup not much (just minimal makeup)

I changed mine when I was ttc. But as long as your skincare doesn’t have high % of AHA or BHA and you don’t use any retinols you should be fine!

I didn’t change any of mine thou. Baby came out fine 😊

I stick to my usual skincare cleanser cetaphil