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Hi fellow mummies, anyone changed their skincare during pregnancy? I am so confused over what im reading online and my gynae says skincare is ok, but pigmented colors makeup isn't. I am thinking to change to safer skincare, but not very sure which ones.. is kiehls sunscreen ultra light safe for pregnancy?

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hi dear. There is indeed a lot of information on what's good and what not in terms of skin care during pregnancy. In general you want to be extra careful as your skin and body are going be especially sensitive as well as obviously anything you absorb might affect your baby. There is a lot of talk about chemicals in cosmetics such as SLS, parabens, phthalates and oxybenzone altho science is still debating how bad these really are, why take the risk? There is quite a few products now that avoid these ingredients altogether. For sunscreen specifically you want a strong protection factor but Oxybenzone is the ingredient pregnant women want to avoid. In some research studies, oxybenzone has been linked to low birth weight in female infants. There is several brands of sunscreen that rely on zinc oxide instead which is considered safer.

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5y ago

Thanks for ur advice.. been clearing out all my skincare!

Kiehls is great to use whole pregnant! switch to mineral makeup if you are worried, but in general, regular makeup is okay.